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Texas Municipal Clerks
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University of North Texas
1155 Union Cir #305067
Denton, Texas 76203
phone 940-565-3488


Requirements for Graduation

PDF View & print a PDF of Certification Requirements

  1. Three years' membership in Texas Municipal Clerks Association, Inc.
  2. Enrollment in all four courses and successful completion all homework assignments in Course 1, Course 2, Course 3, and Course 4
  3. Successful examination on each course's homework
  4. Full attendance at eight seminars: two seminars for each course designation (Course 1, Course 2, Course 3, and Course 4). NOTE: To receive seminar credit, you must be enrolled in the corresponding course for which the seminar you are attending is credited, or you must enroll in that course within one calendar year.

Requirements for graduation must be met by November 15 prior to the year in which an enrollee intends to graduate at the annual TMCCP January graduation ceremony during the TMCCP Election Law Seminar. When ready to graduate, graduates must complete the Graduation Processing Form & Fee.


Requirements for Recertification

PDF View & print a PDF of Recertification Requirements

After an enrollee has graduated from the Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program, recertification is required every five years to maintain Texas Registered Municipal Clerk (TRMC) status.

View the full list of requirements for the recertification





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