TMCCP Webinars: Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions? Read the FAQ below to see if your question is answered here; contact our office if your question is not answered in our FAQ.

TMCCP enrollees are expected to adhere to our standards of academic conduct.


Who can register for a live webinar or purchase an on-demand webinar?

Our webinars are available to everyone.

What are the technical requirements to attend a live webinar or watch an on-demand webinar?

All webinars are held and hosted on the Zoom platform, so all attendees must have access to quality internet service, a webcam and mic, and be able to utilize the the Zoom videoconferencing application. Live webinar attendees are expected to have their camera on for the two-hour webinar and to be seen.

How do I register for a webinar?

Registration for webinars is available in our online store; we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. No checks are accepted. We are unable to accept payment by phone.

How much do webinars cost? Are there any discounts?

  • TMCCP webinars are US$75 for TMCA members and US$85 for non-members.
  • Discounts. Discounts are available when purchasing bundles of six webinars: TMCA members receive $50 off each bundle of six; non-members receive $35 off each bundle of six. Pleae call our office for your discount code: 940-565-3488. Be sure to use our coupon code to receive your discount. These bundles can encompass a MIX of live webinars and on-demand webinars if desired. NOTE: The set-of-six discount is only eligible when used for one registrant's single transaction; our store cannot track multiple registrants and/or separate purchases to combine coupon codes, and our office cannot accommodate tracking separate webinar purchases. We are unable to grant credit after a transaction if the registrant did not use a coupon code at time of purchase.
  • Payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover via our online store. No checks are accepted. We are unable to accept payment by phone.

Can I use a TMCCP registration fee scholarship or major scholarship to purchase webinars?

Yes, you may use any awarded TMCCP registration fee scholarships and any awarded TMCA major scholarships to purchase webinars. The recipient must be enrolled in TMCCP and the scholarship must be used for certification or recertification seminar credit. The TMCA Certification Committee reviews applications and approves or denies requests. Scholarships shall either be paid directly to the Certification Program and applied to the registration fee or reimbursed to the payee.

How long is each webinar?

Each webinar is two hours long.

Are there handouts for the webinars?

You will be emailed any handouts for the webinar (live webinars: handouts are emailed to you the morning of the event with your webinar link; on-demand webinars: handouts are emailed to you when you receive your link to view the webinar).

Do the live version and on-demand versions of the webinar have the same content?

Yes. The on-demand webinar is a recording of the live webinar.

TMCCP seminar hours and webinar hours chartCan I earn TMCCP seminar attendance credit for TMCCP webinars?

Enrollees in the Texas Municipal Clerks Certification or Recertification Program may earn TMCCP seminar attendance credit with TMCCP webinars. Each TMCCP webinar counts toward 2 hours of seminar credit if full attendance/participation is maintained during the live event, or upon complete viewing and submitted assessment of the on-demand webinar.

Our TMCCP webinars count toward any TMCCP seminar requirement.

For enrollees: How many in-person seminars can be replaced with a series of six webinars?

An enrollee may use a series of six webinars to fulfill a seminar attendance requirement once during your first certification period and once during each recertification cycle.

More About TMCCP Live Webinars

I've purchased my live webinar registration; what next?

Once you have registered for a TMCCP live webinar you will receive an emailed confirmation receipt. Our office will follow up with you two weeks prior to the webinar via the email address provided in your registration. You will also receive a link to the webinar at 10 a.m. the morning of the webinar; please log in to the webinar 15 minutes early. You must use your full name.

I missed the live webinar I registered for; can I watch the on-demand?

Yes, if you are not able to join the webinar please email Kathleen Spriggs to be transferred to the on-demand version.

Can I cancel and get a refund?

No, refunds are not available.

Can I transfer my live webinar registration to someone else?

Yes, please notify our office 24 hours in advance of the live webinar.

Can my coworkers/staff and I watch this as an office/together?

No: registration fees are for one viewer. Only the registrant is permitted to attend the webinar.

What if I can't be there for all two hours of the live webinar?

If you know in advance you will not be able to attend the full seminar, we encourage you to purchase the on-demand version instead. (If you are pursuing TMCCP certification or recertification, you will not receive seminar attendance credit for a webinar that was not attended in full.)

How early should I arrive at the live webinar?

Attendees must arrive 15 minutes early. Please sign in using your full name.

Can registrants phone in to the live webinar?

No. Registrants must have a camera enabled and be viewable on camera throughout the two-hour webinar.

How do I demonstrate my active participation during the live webinar?

Attendees must have their camera on and be present during the full two-hour seminar. Attendees must submit a post-webinar assessment within 24 hours of the completion of the webinar. Attendees may not take phone calls, hold conversations, engage in other work, or otherwise disengage from the webinar during the two hours. Attendees pursuing TMCCP seminar attendance credit will lose credit if they do not demonstrate active participation. No exceptions will be made to this requirement.

About TMCCP On-Demand Webinars

I've purchased my on-demand webinar access; what next?

Our online store will email you a confirmation. Our office will email you once the on-demand webinar is available for viewing.

I requested my on-demand link; when will I receive it?

You will receive your link within two business days. (If you are pre-ordering, be aware that the on-demand webinar is not available until three business days after the live webinar.) Please note that we are not able to send links during University of North Texas holidays or closures.

When can I watch the on-demand webinar?

When you are ready to receive a link to your access to the webinar, contact us; we will respond within two business days. (If you pre-ordered the on-demand webinar, it will be available for viewing three business days after the live webinar.) Please note that we are closed during University of North Texas holidays and closures.

How long do I have access to the on-demand webinar?

You have access to the webinar for 10 days after receiving the link and then your access will expire--plan accordingly. Extensions are not available.

You have one year from date of purchase to request access to view the webinar.

What if I purchased more than one webinar in one transaction? Do I have only 10 days to view all webinars?

No: please let us know when you are ready to view each webinar. Once we send you a link for a webinar you have 10 calendar days to complete that individual webinar.

Can I stop and start the on-demand webinar?

Yes--you have full control of your playback during the 10 calendar days you have access to the webinar.

Do I have to submit an assessment if I watch the on-demand webinar?

For attendees enrolled in the TMCCP certification program, a post-webinar assessment is due within 10 days of receiving the link for the webinar. Please keep in mind that if you decide to pursue certification in the future you cannot earn credit for this webinar unless you complete the assessment within 10 days of receiving the link.