Webinar: Buddy to Boss: The Professionalism it Takes to Make the Switch

LaShon RossWith Speaker LaShon Ross

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About the TMCCP webinar "Buddy to Boss: The Professionalism it Takes to Make the Switch"

Making the transition from peer to supervisor can be more challenging than anticipated, as expectations and relationship terms change. When these new terms of engagement are proactively communicated, opportunities to establish a collaborative, productive work environment significantly improve. When this type of transition takes place, individuals in the department need to demonstrate high levels of professionalism. Being a public servant is a position of high-standing that requires delivery of services in a manner that is satisfactory to citizens/customers and passes the test of public scrutiny.

Participants will explore practices that:

  • Demonstrate broad benefits of focused communication when supervisory changes occur
  • Contribute to establishing collaborative work relationships that lead to accountable work environments
  • Reinforce the importance of clarity when communicating performance/behavioral expectations, defining roles, and establishing processes
  • Introduce processes which promote trust, respect, and operational predictability
  • Elevate the important role of public servants
  • Consider that self-awareness and self-development return individual and collective dividends
  • Lead participants to access and maximize opportunities to strengthen competence


About the Speaker

LaShon Ross completed a 28-year career in municipal government when she retired from the City of Plano in 2016. She began her career with the City of Texarkana, Texas (her hometown) and completed the last fifteen years in Plano, where she served as HR Director and Deputy City Manager. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Texas A&M and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from SMU. She serves as an instructor for the City of Houston’s Leadership Institute and the North Texas Certified Public Manager Program; facilitates training for multiple entities; and maintains community engagement through board appointments, mentorships, and other volunteer opportunities.
LaShon also enjoys her roles as mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother.