Certification Program Introduction

The Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program is a self-paced distance learning program that consists of four courses.

Enrolling in the Certification Program

Homework, examination and two seminarsHomework, Examinations, Seminars

Each of the four courses consists of the following:

Homework: Enrollees complete four modules of homework in each of the four courses. The homework is completed and submitted for grading via the online learning management system.

Examinations: Enrollees must pass an examination over the homework in each of the four courses.

Seminars: Enrollees must attend two full TMCCP seminars pertaining to each of the four courses.

  • An enrollee may use a series of six webinars to fulfill a seminar attendance requirement once during their first certification period and once during each recertification cycle.
  • Five of the required seminars must be attended in-person. Three may be attended via distance learning (one series of six webinars and/or two virtual seminars).

Each course consists of homework, an examination and two seminars.

Each course will require approximately 50 hours of study. The courses may be taken in any order.

The four TMCCP courses are as follows:

Course 1: Public Management and Administration
Course 2: Understanding the City and Local Government Law
Course 3: Context of Local Government Finance, Revenue Sources, Local Budget, Budget Cycle, Public Funds Investment, and Ethics
Course 4: Motivation, Public Relations, Supervision, and Election Laws

An enrollee completes the Certification Program at their own pace. Homework is done one course at a time, submitting homework online as it is completed. The enrollee takes an exam over each course's completed homework. The enrollee also attends eight TMCCP seminars throughout the process. When a course is completed, the enrollee is given a certificate for that course.

How long does it take to finish the Certification Program? Since the program is self-paced, completion times vary. There is a time limit of 10 years to complete the Certification Program (at which point the enrollee must start over). Most enrollees complete the program in far less time. The fastest an enrollee can complete the program is in 2-3 years, based on their ability to attend the needed TMCCP seminars held throughout the state and their completion of all homework and exams.

When the enrollee finishes all four courses, the enrollee is now a graduate of the program, earning a final certificate and the Texas Registered Municipal Clerk, TRMC, designation. After certification, recertification is required every five years.

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How to Get Started: 1, 2, 3

To become enrolled in the Certification Program, please submit your:

Submit these forms to us with payment, and you will have completed the first steps toward your Texas Registered Municipal Clerk Certification! If you have any questions, please contact Office Support Associate Kathleen Spriggs.

1. Submit Enrollment Form

Complete the enrollment form section on the left of the Enrollment/Textbook Request Form. Choose a course or courses in which to enroll—you may enroll in one or all four courses—then decide with which course you wish to begin.

Fill out the box on the right side of the enrollment form only if you wish to purchase your textbooks.

2. Obtain Textbooks

Obtain your textbooks. Textbooks can be borrowed from the TMCA loan library or you can source them on your own to buy or rent.

To borrow textbooks from the TMCA loan library, submit your Book Loan Agreement Form with your book loan fee payment; we'll send the book(s) for the first module of the course you are beginning. The one-time TMCA loan library fee is $100.

To purchase/rent your books on your own, follow the instructions on the right-hand side of the Enrollment/Textbook Request Form. Learn more about textbooks here.

Combination: you can borrow some books and purchase/rent others as you prefer. You are welcome to borrow books from the TMCA loan library by filling out the Book Loan Agreement form and submitting it with your TMCA loan library fee.

3. Become a Member of TMCA

Begin or continue your TMCA membership.

Three years of TMCA membership are a requirement of certification. If you are not already a member of the Texas Municipal Clerks Association, complete the TMCA membership form and mail it to us with payment, or purchase your membership dues online.


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