Enrollees must successfully complete all four TMCCP courses to earn the Texas Registered Municipal Clerk designation.

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Course 1: Public Management and Administration
Course 1 is designed to sharpen managerial and administrative skills and provide an understanding of the scope of public administration. Focus is on records management, office communications, and time management, as well as the more general skills of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. 

Course 2: Understanding the City and Local Government Law
Course 2 provides the certification program student with an understanding of how the sociological and political nature of the community affects local administrators. The sections on municipal court administration and on Texas local government law help the student improve his/her knowledge and skills in serving the city council and providing administrative support to the municipal court. Information related to general law and home rule regulations, annexation, planning and zoning, and open meetings law is presented.

This course also provides experience in using the Texas Municipal Law and Procedure Manual. 

Course 3: Context of Local Government Finance, Revenue Sources, the Local Budget, Budget Cycle, Public Funds Investment, and Ethics
This course brings you up to date with modern methods of the local government finance process. This includes budgeting and revenue analysis, accounting and financial reporting, cash and debt management, and selected issues in financial management. The course exposes certification students to the context of local government finance, taxes, service charges and regulatory fees, budget choices, the budget cycle, planning, and budgeting for improved performance. There is also a section related to the Public Funds Investment Act. This Act governs the investment of government funds in Texas. The course also offers a practical section on ethics for the purpose of providing local government officials with guidelines and strategies to (re)build public trust and to hone their skills in exercising ethical judgment.

Course 4: Motivation, Public Relations, Supervision, Election Laws
Public relations, human relations, and supervision are the principle topics covered in Course 4. The readings concentrate on such skills as media communication, motivation, and personnel management. The section on election administration emphasizes the city secretary's responsibilities in that area, and provides experience in using the Texas Municipal Election Law Manual.