Valuable resources for the city secretary's office

Duties of the City Secretary

Texas Municipal Clerks Handbook: A comprehensive reference for the duties and powers of the city secretary.
TMCA publications, including the TMCA Election Calendar
Sample proclamations


Enroll in the Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program (TMCCP): Earn the Texas Registered Municipal Clerk certification from TMCCP. Education includes public management and administration; understanding the city and local government law; context of local government finance, revenue sources, local budget, budget cycle, public funds investment, and ethics; and motivation, public relations, supervision, and election laws.

TMCCP offers educational seminars and webinars with registration open to anyone--enrollment in TMCCP not necessary. (Note only TMCCP enrollees can receive attendance credit toward their TRMC certification.)

Our on-demand webinar City Secretary 101 may be of immediate interest. View our catalog for more valuable webinars.

Peer Support

Join many TMCA members around the state of Texas on our TMCA Community moderated by the TMCA, Inc., Technology Committee. (Must be a current TMCA member to join.)
Join your local TMCA chapter
Network with fellow city secretaries at TMCCP educational seminars

Additional Resources

Employment opportunities
TMCA's Annual Salary Survey
Keep up with the latest news from us on social media
TMCA quarterly newsletter
How to talk about the City Secretary position: City Secretary "Elevator Speech"