Enrollees of the Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program are required to pass four exams. 

Got Questions?

How do I qualify to take an exam?

To qualify to take an exam, an enrollee must have completed and passed all four modules of homework for a course. The homework must be completed at least one week in advane of the exam date. 

What does the exam cover?

The exam covers the questions from the enrollee's course homework. Exam questions do not test an enrollee on material from seminars or webinars. So, study your homework questions!

When can the exam be taken?

Proctored exams are offered monthly via web conferencing with TMCA staff. Reservations on each date are limited, and advance booking of the exam is required. Registration form and dates can be found under My Learning.

Students should reserve a testing spot not less than one week prior to an exam date.

What are the technology requirements for online proctored exams?
  • High-speed internet service
  • Ability to utilize and navigate the Zoom videoconferencing application
  • Two devices with which to participate in the proctored exam: one device will be used to access the exam, the other device will be used to provide live video of the examinee's surroundings to proctors. A cell phone or tablet that is able to capture video can be used as the examinee's second device. One of these devices must have a live microphone to enable proctors to hear the examinee's workspace during the exam.
How do you ensure the integrity of the exam-taking process?

Students Must: 

  • Have their video and microphone on;
  • Be seen on camera; and
  • Have their computer and workspace visible to proctors.
I have finished one course of homework, but have not tested on the material yet. Can I work on homework for another course?

Yes, if you feel like you can effectively study the material for the exam in one course while simultaneously working on new matrial for another course then you are welcome to start.