Scholarship Sponsorship

The TMCA Major Scholarship Awards are sponsored by various organizations and individuals who wish to financially support TMCA members pursuing their certification or recertification through the Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program. Each scholarship is in the amount of $500 each and is named for its sponsor.

Scholarship awards are made annually. The TMCA Scholarship Committee will determine winners based on eligibility requirements.

Scholarship Awards are presented in the fall at the Annual TMCA Awards Banquet held in conjunction with the annual TMCCP Graduate Institute. Sponsors are invited to attend the banquet, where they will present scholarships to the winners. Scholarship sponsors and winners will be publicized in the quarterly TMCA newsletter.

How to Donate

To donate money toward the TMCA Major Award Scholarships, please send an email to Peggy Burnside, TRMC, administrative director for TMCA/TMCCP.