Recognizing their responsibilities to the people, desiring to inspire public confidence and respect for government, and believing that honesty, integrity, loyalty and courtesy form the basis of ethical conduct, members of the Texas Municipal Clerks Association, Inc., do hereby subscribe to the following principles and ethics which will govern the personal and professional conduct as a municipal clerk:

  • To uphold constitutional government and the laws of my community;

  • To conduct my public and private life as to be an example to fellow citizens and co-workers;

  • To never disclose confidential information gained by reason of my position nor use such information for personal gain;

  • To be ever mindful of my neutrality and impartiality, rendering equal service to all and to extend the same treatment I wish to receive myself, without bias or prejudice;

  • To impart to my profession those standards of quality and integrity that the conduct of the affairs of my office shall be above reproach and to merit public confidence in our community;

  • To record that which is true and preserve that which is entrusted to me as if it were my own; and

  • To strive constantly to improve the administration of the affairs of my office through independent study, courses, meetings and seminars, and through sound management practices to produce continued progress and so fulfill my responsibilities to my community.

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