2022 TMCA Executive Board

2022 TMCA Executive Board

President Amanda Campos, TRMC
City Secretary, Burleson
817-426-9661  |  acampos@burlesontx.com
2020 Interview: Meet Amanda Campos

Vice President Lee Woodward, TRMC
City Secretary, La Porte
281-471-5020  |  woodwardl@laportetx.gov
2020 Interview: Meet Lee Woodward

Secretary Gretchen Mercer
City Secretary, Canyon
806-655-5000  |  gmercer@canyontx.com
2020 Interview: Meet Gretchen Mercer

Trustee Jeana Bellinger, TRMC
City Secretary, Brenham
979-337-7567  |  jbellinger@cityofbrenham.org
2021 Interview: Meet Jeana Bellinger

Trustee Michelle Hicks, TRMC
City Secretary, Lacy Lakeview
254-799-2458  |  michelle.hicks@lacylakeview.org
2021 Interview: Meet Michelle Hicks

Trustee Sharon McFadden, TRMC
City Secretary/CFO, Graham
940-549-3322  |  smcfadden@grahamtexas.net

Trustee Laure Morgan, TRMC
City Secretary, Brownsville
956-548-6054  |  laure.morgan@brownsvilletx.gov

Trustee Crystal Roan, TRMC
City Secretary, Missouri City
281-403-8686  |  croan@mctx.gov

Trustee Christi Wynn, TRMC
City Secretary, Brownwood
325-646-6299  |  cwynn@brownwoodtexas.gov
2020 Interview: Meet Christi Wynn

President-elect Jannette Goodall, TRMC
City Secretary, Fort Worth
817-392-6161  |  jannette.goodall@fortworthtexas.gov
2020 Interview: Meet Jannette Goodall

Treasurer Alicia Richardson, TRMC
City Secretary, North Richland Hills
817-427-6061  |  arichardson@nrhtx.com
2020 Interview: Meet Alicia Richardson

Immediate Past President Aimee Nemer, TRMC
City Secretary, Richardson
972-744-4290  |  aimee.nemer@cor.gov
2020 Interview: Meet Aimee Nemer

Trustee Roxanne Benitez, TRMC
City Secretary, Spring Valley Village
713-465-8308  |  rbenitez@springvalleytx.com

Trustee Rebecca Huerta, TRMC
City Secretary, Corpus Christi
361-826-3105  |  rebeccah@cctexas.com

Trustee Ellie Monteaux, TRMC
City Secretary & Asst. City Mgr., Livingston
936-327-4311  |  citysecretary@livingston.net

Trustee Irma Parker, TRMC
City Secretary, Addison
972-450-7017  |  iparker@addisontx.gov

Trustee Deborah Sorensen, TRMC
City Secretary, Royse City
972-524-4825  |  deborah.sorensen@roysecity.com

Ex-officio Members
Advisory Management Committee Chair Shelley George, TRMC, City Secretary, Allen
Miriam Sheehan, TRMC, TMCA/TMCCP Administrative Director
Amy C. Holt, PhD, TRMC, TMCA/TMCCP Education Director

Pictured above: Seated in front row chairs, from left to right: Secretary Gretchen Mercer, TRMC, City Secretary, Canyon; President-elect Jannette Goodall, TRMC, City Secretary, Fort Worth; President Amanda Campos, TRMC, City Secretary, Burleson; Vice President Lee Woodward, TRMC, City Secretary, La Porte; and Treasurer Alicia Richardson, TRMC, City Secretary/Chief Governance Officer, North Richland Hills. Second row: Trustee Rebecca Huerta, TRMC, City Secretary, Corpus Christi; Trustee Sharon McFadden, TRMC, City Secretary/CFO, Graham; Trustee Deborah Sorensen, TRMC, City Secretary, Royse City; Trustee Michelle Hicks, TRMC, Assistant City Manager/City Secretary, Lacy Lakeview; Trustee Irma Parker, TRMC, City Secretary, Addison; Trustee Laure Morgan, TRMC, City Secretary, Brownsville; Trustee Crystal Roan, TRMC, City Secretary, Pearland; Trustee Jeana Bellinger, TRMC, City Secretary, Brenham; Immediate Past President Aimee Nemer, TRMC, City Secretary, Richardson; Trustee Ellie Monteaux, TRMC, City Secretary and Asst. City Manager, Livingston; Trustee Roxanne Benitez, TRMC, City Secretary, Spring Valley Village; and Trustee Christi Wynn, TRMC, City Secretary, Brownwood.

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