TMCCP Textbooks

Certification Program enrollees will use several textbooks in their certification program studies. The textbooks may be purchased or rented elsewhere, borrowed from the TMCA Loan Library, or a combination of thereof. 

Borrowing Textbooks

To borrow textbooks from the TMCA Loan Library, please print out and complete our Book Loan Agreement Form and return it it to the TMCCP office with the one-time $100.00 TMCA Loan Library fee. Textbooks are loaned to enrollees one course module at a time from our library. Books are loaned for a period of 45 days each; extensions may be granted upon request.

Our offices keep track of which books enrollees need as they progress through the Certification Program. 

Purchasing Textbooks

You are welcome to purchase your textbooks; a list of textbooks is provided below. It is recommended that an enrollee purchase only one course of textbooks at a time since the textbooks used in the certification program are subject to change, and editions are frequently updated. Only current course textbooks may be used for enrollee homework.

If you purchase textbooks for a course in which you are actively working, you are committed to a time frame for those books. Because we do often update the textbooks, and textbook editions change frequently, once you purchase the books for a particular course, you must complete the homework and take the final exam over that course within three years or after three years, you will start the course over with the updated material and any new textbooks.

For a complete list of our currently used textbooks please click here