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The Texas Municipal Clerks Association, Inc., is a professional organization dedicated to serving the demands of excellence in Texas' local government and public problem-solving.

Association's Mission

  • To motivate Texas city clerks and city secretaries to become leaders in their fields of governance—established by Article 1000 (Section 22.074 Local Government Code), Civil Statutes, State of Texas and
  • To provide an educational program for the beginning and career city clerk and city secretary to meet the highest standards of functional competence and ethical sensitivity.

Providing for continuing education and leadership is the fundamental objective of the Association. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for pursuing professional development through training and professional interaction.

Mission Statement

The Texas Municipal Clerks Association, Inc., and the Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program are dedicated to providing an educational and professional development program for novice and experienced municipal clerks.

Strategic Plan

Download the TMCA Strategic Plan. TMCA's Strategic Plan serves as a guide for the Association's executive board to develop the annual budget and provide a succinct method of articulating to staff the policy direction for TMCA and the Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program. This Strategic Plan also communicates to TMCA members and TMCCP enrollees and graduates the TMCA board’s commitment to communication, collaboration, and cooperation among all TMCA members and partners. Finally, this Strategic Plan provides a road map that will encourage all Texas municipal clerks to join an outstanding organization where education, certification, and networking result in better local government across the great State of Texas.


The Association of City Clerks and Secretaries of Texas, the predecessor organization of the Texas Municipal Clerks Association, Inc., was organized in 1952. The purpose of the organization was to promote the improvement and professionalism of the Texas municipal clerk.

TMCA, Inc., was incorporated on June 27, 1986, Charter Number 01002258-01.

TMCA Policy Manual

The TMCA Policy Manual outlines all current TMCA policies. It includes the TMCA code of ethics, mission statement, bylaws, duties of officers, and various forms, policies, and procedures.

Download the TMCA Policy Manual.

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