Approximate Cost

Please note that the following costs provided are current, but they are subject to potential changes. For verification or any further inquiries, we encourage you to contact the Texas Municipal Clerks office. We will be glad to assist you. 

These costs are an approximate grand total of expenses throughout the certification process. The sum of this list is not paid upon initial enrollment.


Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program enrollment fees.
Course 1 enrollment: $135
Course 2 enrollment: $135
Course 3 enrollment: $135
Course 4 enrollment: $135


Three years of Texas Municipal Clerks Association dues are required. TMCA dues are currently $125 per calendar year (yearly membership dues cost subject to change in future). Three years of dues is $375 (each dues payment must be made yearly, they cannot be paid in a lump sum).


Utilizing the TMCCP Book Loan Library for textbook borrowing is optional. A single, non-refundable fee of $110 is applicable for accessing the loan library and borrowing textbooks.

The estimated cost of purchasing textbooks may vary significantly depending on the source and condition of the textbooks, with prices potentially exceeding $1,000.

To successfully complete the homework, it is essential to have access to the following manuals, neither of which is available for borrowing:

  • Texas Municipal Law and Procedure Manual
  • Texas Municipal Election Law Manual

Read more about the textbooks.

Important: Do not purchase textbooks far in advance of beginning coursework—TMCCP textbooks and editions are subject to change/updates, and only textbooks currently used in coursework may be used for TMCCP homework.


Early registration fees for TMCCP seminars are each approximately $250 to $340. An enrollee must attend eight TMCCP seminars.
Five of the required seminars must be attended in-person. Three may be attended via distance learning (one series of six webinars and/or two virtual seminars).

  • Hotel room, one person, per night, may range from $140-190.
  • Seminars are two days in duration.

Graduation and Recertification Enrollment

A Graduation Processing Fee and Recertification Enrollment Fee is collected in the month before graduation: $100.